From global brands to leading local brands, from digital to traditional, various tones of voice, different audiences... With my on-target work, brands have increased their awareness and their products have sold like hotcakes.

Recent Work
Copywriting & Concept Creation
Print Advertising
Copywriting & Concept Creation
Copywriting & Social Media Content Creation
Red Bull
Social Media Content Creation and Campaign Localisation
Yucesoy Engineering
Copywriting & Concept Creation
Soft Tech
Copywriting & Concept Creation
TV Commercials
Copywriting & Concept Creation
Bluepond Wellness
Copywriting & Creative Lead & Strategy
BeIN Sports TR
Copywriting & Campaign Developing
Copywriting & Concept Creation
Social media content creation of social responsibility projects
CNN Turk
Copywriting & Concept Creation
Design Concepts
Concept Creation
Arçelik Selamlique
Copywriting & Video Concept Developing
Motion Design & Video Editing
Motion Design Concept Creation & Copywriting
2016 Movie Posters Turned Into Memes
Onur Kurnaz and Sevil Yilmaz widened their funny Oscar-nominated movie poster concepts from local to global memes in 2016. This time, leading roles are performed by music stars, political leaders, influencers and even scientists.
2015 Oscar Nominated Movies & Turkish Memes
Onur Kurnaz and Sevil Yılmaz are the creators of the most popular social media content that went viral in Turkey in 2015, which was a funny blend of Oscar-nominated film posters with Turkish memes and influencers. The content had a reach of over one million in total and was shared by the most popular newspapers, digital channels, news portals, blogs and influencers.
Let's Coffee
Copywriting & Concept Creation
Günaydın Steakhouse
Best FM
Copywriting & Concept Developing
Copywriting & Concept Creation
Copywriting & Concept Creation
Copywriting & Concept Creation
Logo & Brand ID
Concept Developing & Design
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