Ramsey is one of the top menswear brands in Türkiye. As a copywriter, I contributed to several campaigns that have significantly increased the visibility and awareness of the brand.

'You'll Never Walk Alone' is undoubtedly one of the most iconic chants in football history, one that has always given Liverpool FC players and fans hope and motivation. Surprisingly, a popular song among Turkish football fans, 'Beraber Yürüdük Biz Bu Yollarda' - which means 'We walked these streets together' - shares the same sentiment with almost similar words. I highlighted this striking similarity, which crosses the paths of two countries, through the sponsorship campaign between Liverpool FC and Ramsey - a Turkish menswear brand established in the UK-.

Sponsorship Campaign TV Copy

VO: Are you ready to walk with millions?
To challenge your dreams?
To never give up?
And to become a legend with your team?

The formalwear sponsor of Liverpool FC.

What if Liverpool fans sing a popular Turkish football chant Bir Sarkisin Sen (You're a song that will last forever) surprisingly and almost flawless?

The campaign's viral video was shot in a fans' pub in Liverpool.

Key Visual of the Sponsorship Campaign.

From ideation to copywriting, I created this campaign by telling the story of a man wearing Ramsey who doesn't need a filter to enhance his appearance at a time when social media filters were so popular.

I created the Shirt Jacket campaign as a copywriter, creating the main visual concept.

Website banner for 2-4-1 campaign

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