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In 2018, Turkey's most famous agenda was about the common belief that Trump has been working hard to stop Turkey's fast-growing. Then we turned this agenda into a meme in a funny story. 
We created the very image of Donald Trump with the help of the most talented make-up artists in Turkey and a professional actor. 
The Oval Office has been recreated with a detailed production. 
The TV audience was so surprised to see Donald Trump in a commercial. With this commercial, we made Kuzeysehir Koru the most conversational piece of those days and shone amongst the other property commercials. 
The commercial's punchline comes with the wordplay 'Tanrim sen bizi Koru' means 'Oh dear lord, please save us', which became the talk of the town in a short time. More surprisingly, the Yucesoy Insaat board discontinued the TV commercial because the 1400-flat project sold out within two weeks.


If you are the one who says it's difficult to live in Istanbul as well as being an homeowner. Wait for Tual Bahçekent.


Isn't there any housing project in Istanbul everyone can buy?

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